Building Projects Update!

The new Bryce Valley Elementary School (BVES) plans are getting close to going to bid.  Staff are reviewing the plans to make sure their needs are addressed and that the future for learning at BVES is well addressed in the new building.  District staff and Tropic town officials are working to remedy easements where the school borders town parcels. Currently Bryce Valley residents are being surveyed to show their choice for the masonry patterns and colors for their new building.  Plans are available for review at both the district office and at the BVES office.

The district just received the results from an engineering study which was performed on the gymnasium adjacent to the Panguitch Elementary School (PES) campus.  There have been questions about the stability and life of the building. The engineering study came back in favor of the existing facility. The report gave the gym a recommendation of at least 40+ years provided some immediate action is taken to remedy water problems found in the study.  Preliminary cost reports show needed fixes will come in way under projections. With this bit of good news and a savings of up $1.5 million, the new PES will not need a full gym and will save on construction costs immensely. The district is planning on starting the replacement process for PES as soon as BVES is under way.  In an effort to make sure all district students have adequate facilities for their education, the Board of Education has worked long and hard to make sure as much money as possible is on hand prior to the building projects.

The board has also voiced approval allowing the newest structure at PES to become a Kindergarten Center.  This would take the building located at 200 S 100 E or the South East corner and making its 4 classrooms suited for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.  This would eliminate the need for Kindergarten classrooms in the new construction. With no gym and no need for K classrooms, the PES bids should come in considerably lower allowing construction to begin much faster.

It is a great time for Garfield County School District and our students.  Watch as our progress continues.

Tracy Davis, Superintendent – Garfield County School District