CJAA – Transportation: Planning and Funding – Funding


Planning and Funding:



The District will fund the transportation program primarily from revenue provided by the state. To this end, the District will comply with all state rules and regulations regarding funding and record keeping.

The Board will determine what students are eligible for state-sponsored transportation and whether expenses of ineligible students will be funded from the general revenue of the District.

Utah Code § 53F-2-402 (2022)

Utah Code § 53F-2-403 (2021)

Alternative transportation—

The Board and Pupil Transportation Director will analyze bus routes that involve a large number of deadhead miles to determine if an alternative method of transporting students is more efficient. Possible alternatives include the following, as outlined in Utah State Board of Education rules:

  1. Use of a District multi-purpose passenger vehicle to transport students;
  2. Paying the parent or guardian of an eligible student an allowance in lieu of District-supplied transportation wherein the parent or guardian is reimbursed for mileage to school or bus-stop, whichever is closer;
  3. Providing a subsistence allowance for a student to live at a site nearer to the school; and
  4. Engaging in a contract or leasing for transportation.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-600-7 (August 19, 2019)