What is our Purpose? Why do we exist?

The purpose of an education is to open doors, create opportunities, change perceptions, improve lives, break down barriers, and instill courage to meet the challenges of life; and the role of Garfield County School District is to enlighten, enable, encourage, and facilitate that process.

What must we become to fulfill our purpose?

Board Priority: Student Self-Esteem and Resiliency. 

Educational Leadership -The superintendent promotes the learning of all students and the success of all staff by cultivating a shared vision that makes powerful teaching and learning the central focus.

Board Priority: Clean, Well Maintained, Safe, Courteous, and Approachable School Buildings

The Superintendent provides leadership through shared governance that will create the conditions under which excellent student achievement can be attained.

Unify the District

Community Engagement / Collaboration

Communities Feel Valued by the District and Board.

Employees and Students Feel Valued by the District and Board.

Improve Trust and Transparency in the District

2020-21 School Year Goal:

Establish a safe, supportive, and collaborative culture

  • The faculty and staff perceive the school environment as safe, supportive, and orderly.
  • Students, parents, and the community perceive the school environment as safe, supportive, and orderly.
  • Teachers have formal roles in the decision-making process regarding school initiatives.
  • Collaborative teams regularly interact to address common issues regarding curriculum, assessment, instruction, and the achievement of all students.
  • Teachers and staff have formal ways to provide input regarding the school’s optimal functioning.
  • The school acknowledges the success of the whole school as well as individuals within the school.
  • The school manages its fiscal, operational, and technological resources in a way that directly supports teachers.