Online Credit Recovery

The Utah State Office of Education offers a statewide online education program.  More information can be found at

The Garfield County School District offers district students and patrons a fully equipped distance learning campuses to pursue college credit, electronic delivery of high school classes, and  adult high school completion and college degree programs.

Panguitch High School, Bryce Valley High and Escalante High provide student and adult programs featuring credit recovery, high school credit, college credit, high school diplomas.

For More information, please go to:

  • Panguitch High – Contact Gary Bennett, (435) 676-1322
  • Bryce Valley High – Contact LaRee Bybee, (435) 679-1215
  • Escalante High – Contact LaRee Bybee, (435) 826-1413

The Garfield School District utilizes Utah’s Concurrent Enrollment Program, high school students can choose classes offered through the school that are taught by faculty members that have adjunct status with a Utah College or University.  In these situations, student receive both high school and college credit simultaneously, thus the term “Concurrent.” See the counselor at Panguitch High School, 435-676-8805.

Utah Electronic High School – A virtual high school setting for students needing grade recovery, additional high school credits or a class not offered at either Escalante High, Bryce Valley High or Panguitch High.  Contact the Principal at Utah EHS, Kathleen Web

Utah EDLINE Program – A new program for Utah students that is coming online during the Fall of 2011.  Program details are currently available at the Utah State Office of Education.           Utah State Law           Utah R277 State Board Rule