BBAA – Board Members: Student Members

Board Members:

Student Members

Appointment of student member of board upon student petition—

Upon receipt of a qualifying student petition, the Board of Education may appoint a nonvoting student member to the Board in addition to the regular members authorized by law.

Utah Code § 20A-14-206(1), (3)(a) (2018)

Requirements for petition—

To qualify, the petition shall have the signatures of:

  1. At least 500 students regularly enrolled in high school in the District; or
  2. At least 10% of the number of students regularly enrolled in high school in the District, whichever is less.

Utah Code § 20A-14-206(2) (2018)

Term of office—

A student member’s term is for one year, beginning on July 1 and ending the following June 30.

Utah Code § 20A-14-206(3)(b) (2018)

Student member qualifications—

To be qualified, a student board member shall be enrolled in a high school in the District and may be under 18 years of age.

Utah Code § 20A-14-206(4) (2018)

Student member participation—

A student member has the right to participate in all open board meetings.

Utah Code § 20A-14-206(5) (2018)

Entitlement to expense allowances—

A student board member is entitled to expense allowances granted other board members under Section 53G-4-204.

Utah Code § 20A-14-206(6)(a) (2018)

Immunity for acts of board—

A student member is not liable for any acts of the governing board.

Utah Code § 20A-14-206(6)(b) (2018)