BCB – Foundations and Basic Commitments: District Belief Statements

Foundations and Basic Commitments:
District Belief Statements

We believe:
● Every student will be educated academically and socially so as to be a
productive citizen.
● All students will have equal educational opportunities to achieve their
individual potential.
● We have something to offer every student.
● Each student is unique.
● Successful education depends on parental commitment to education.
We believe:
● Teachers are the foundation of a strong educational system.
● Teachers will maintain high expectations for themselves and their
● Teachers should serve as positive role models for students.
● Teachers will actively seek parent support and involvement.
We believe:
● A principal is the instructional leader of the school.
● A principal is the facilitator for a positive learning environment.
● A principal actively seeks parent support and involvement.
● A principal serves as a liaison between school and community.
● A principal maintains high expectations for students and staff
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We believe:
● The Superintendent is the leader, implementer, and facilitator of a
successful School District.
● The Superintendent promotes and upholds the positive educational
climate of the School District.
Management Principals—
We believe:
● In human beings as the single most important element in all
● In behaving with uncompromising honesty and integrity.
● In challenging people to experience their full potential so each
individual contributes to educational excellence.
● In reaching quality decisions through the involvement of people.
● In establishing priorities that respond to the needs of our students, staff
members, and community, and serve as the driving force behind all of
our actions.
● In focusing on excellence in everything we do.
Board of Education—
We believe:
● Students are the number-one priority.
● The Board conveys the educational needs and desires of the
community to the District and establishes policies accordingly.
● The Board maintains high expectations for the District and themselves
in working toward excellence.