CFA – Use of School Facilities: Employee Access

Use of School Facilities:

Employee Access

Principal shall oversee building security—

Principals shall have the responsibility for building security and for issuing keys.

Building access and security—

  1. Keys will be issued as follows:
    1. High School and Middle School. Appropriate keys for each administrator and custodian.
    1. Elementary School. Appropriate keys for each administrator, secretary and custodian.
  2. To facilitate proper building security, a selected door in each school will be keyed for teachers and employees for after-hour use. This door will be one of the entry/exit doors on alarmed buildings.
  3. All employees are to sign when checking a key in or out and will be given an authorization slip properly signed by the Principal.
  4. No master key shall be issued to, or used by, anyone other than authorized District personnel.
  5. All employees are to be out of the school by 8:00 p.m. and on weekends and holidays unless prior arrangements are made with the Principal and also the District Security Department. All employees are to contact the District Security Department when they remain in the building after normal closing hours or enter the building on weekends and holidays. The Principal will notify the District Security Department of persons authorized to be in the building during named hours and dates. Alarm codes are NOT to be given to unauthorized employees.
  6. Employees who copy a key or disregard this policy, or who do not follow this policy will be subject to disciplinary action or termination.
  7. Students shall not be issued keys or allowed in a building without adult employee supervision.
  8. No keys are to be issued to any member of the community, or club or organization.
  9. The Security Department will be notified immediately whenever it is discovered that a school key is lost or stolen