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Hazardous Materials

Safe Environment—

The Board of Education recognizes that there are many areas of the school operation, from science laboratories and art departments to custodial services and vehicle maintenance, which use a variety of materials that are hazardous.  The Board adopts this policy to promote safety and compliance with applicable laws relating to hazardous materials, by providing for proper purchase, use, and disposal of hazardous materials in the District.


Hazardous materials include any substance or mixture of substances that poses a fire, explosive, reactive or health hazard as more fully defined by law.


The Board, through the Superintendent, shall cause to be created procedures which address the purchase, storage, handling, transportation and disposal of hazardous materials for all school facilities and operations including instructional areas.  Emergency response actions and evacuation plans shall be coordinated with the procedures.  The Superintendent shall also develop written rules and procedures for notifying district administrators that hazardous waste has been discovered and/or produced and rules for the proper disposal of waste.

The procedures shall comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations which pertain to the safe and proper storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous materials.  

The goal of the procedures shall be to set into place an ongoing process by which each location in the district may begin a program of identifying and managing hazardous materials.  District personnel shall be encouraged to make less dangerous substitutions for hazardous substances to the extent possible and to minimize the quantities of such substances stored on school property.


Appropriate school personnel shall be trained to take precautions to prevent accidents and to handle them in the event they do occur.  These rules and regulations shall be distributed to all staff members in classified and certified handbooks.


It is not the intent of the Board to expand or modify the district’s potential liability exposure through the adoption of this policy.  The Board hereby expressly retains and does not waive immunity under the Utah Governmental Immunity Act or under any other law.  The district’s voluntary compliance with any statute or regulation to which it is not otherwise subject shall not be construed to create or assume any potential liability under any local, state or federal law or regulation.