CJ – Transportation


Board responsibilities—

The Board shall implement the pupil transportation policies established by the State, implementing the laws and regulations relating to pupil transportation. Specifically, the Board shall adhere to and enforce the standards established in the Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations and the related 2015 National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures as those are incorporated into the Utah standards.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-601-2 (August 12, 2021)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-601-3 (August 12, 2021)

In fulfilling its responsibilities regarding pupil transportation, the Board shall:

  1. Oversee the pupil transportation operations within the District, including training programs for all transportation personnel, review of school bus routes and evaluation of the pupil transportation system, and the investigation and reporting of accidents and other transportation problems;
  2. Provide resource material and establish, as an integral part of the school curriculum, instruction in passenger safety that complies with applicable standards;
  3. Provide for the continuous supervision of loading and unloading areas at or near the school and the conduct of periodic emergency evacuation drills;
  4. Provide for adequate supervision for pupils whose bus schedule necessitates their early arrival or late departure from school; and
  5. Promote public understanding of and support for the school transportation program in general.

School Traffic Safety Committee—

            The Board hereby establishes the District School Traffic Safety Committee.

  1. The Committee consists of:
    1. One representative from each school within the District;
    1. One representative from each Parent Teachers’ Association within the District;
    1. A representative from the municipality or county;
    1. A representative from state or local law enforcement; and
    1. A representative from a state or local traffic safety engineering department.
  2. The Committee shall receive suggestions from school community councils, parents, teachers and others and recommend school traffic safety improvements and boundary changes to enhance safety.
  3. The Committee shall annually review and submit to the Department of Transportation and affected municipalities and counties a child access routing plan for each elementary, middle, and junior high school within the District.
  4. The Committee shall consult with the Utah Safety Council and the Utah Division of Family Health Services and shall provide training to all District schoolchildren in grades K-6 on school crossing safety and use.
  5. The Committee shall help ensure the District’s compliance with rules made by the Transportation Commission under Utah Code § 41-6a-303 and may establish subcommittees as needed to assist in accomplishing its duties.

Utah Code § 53G-4-402(17) (2021)