CJAD – Transportation: Planning and Funding – School Site Selection


Planning and Funding:

School Site Selection


When school sites are selected, the Board will give consideration to the safety of the pupils riding school buses. The Board will avoid high density traffic flow near school exits and entrances.  Proper site selection and plant planning for improved school transportation is extremely important. Specifically, all sites should provide:

  1. Separate and adequate space for school bus loading zones
  2. Clearly marked and controlled walkways through the school bus zones.
  3. Traffic flow and parking patterns separate from the boarding zone.
  4. A separate loading area for wheel chairs.
  5. An organized schedule of loading areas with stops clearly marked.
  6. A loading and unloading site to eliminate the backing of school buses.

Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations, Appendix 8, p. 133 (2004)

Special education—

Pupils with disabilities require special care in transportation.  All personnel in the District will abide by the standards in Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations, Transporting Students With Disabilities.

Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations p. 105-114 (2004)