CJBB – Transportation: Personnel – Operators and Mechanics



Operators and Mechanics

School bus operators—

A school bus driver shall possess the following qualifications to be hired, in addition to the ongoing requirements listed below:

  1. Have a satisfactory employment background and residency verification.
  2. Have a satisfactory driving history, consisting of the following:
    1. Be at least 21 years of age.
    1. Possess a valid commercial driver license (CDL) with a school bus endorsement.
    1. Have no more than two moving violations or two accidents (or combination of moving violations and accidents) within the past 24 months as shown on the driver’s Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).
  3. Have a satisfactory criminal background check performed according to Policy DAC and subject to the following standards:
    1. No felony convictions
    1. No offense resulting in a term of imprisonment or correctional detention
    1. No convictions for DUI during the past 10 years
    1. No criminal convictions involving:
      1. Child abuse, neglect, or endangerment
      1. Possession or distribution of an illegal substance
      1. Illegal use or possession of weapons
      1. Violence
      1. Sex-related offenses
    1. No other convictions or criminal history which the District determines indicates the applicant is unsuitable for employment as a bus driver
  4. Not have a positive test on or a refusal to take a drug or alcohol test.
  5. Pass a physical examination for drivers in accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Motor Carrier Regulations.

A school bus driver shall maintain the following qualifications on an ongoing basis.

  1. Pass the State Board of Education Physical Assessment Standard at least every two years.
  2. Pass the Department of Transportation physical examination at least every two years.
  3. Have the possession and use of both hands, both arms, and both feet.
  4. Have the use of both eyes with vision equivalent to 20/40 (Snellen Test) or better, with or without glasses, and have near-normal depth perception.
  5. Have adequate hearing.
  6. Have no color blindness deficiency which would interfere with safe driving.
  7. Meet all qualifications listed in 391.41 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations manual (49 CFR § 391.41).
  8. Maintain a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) with passenger/school (P/S) endorsement in accordance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Act of 1986.
  9. Attend the required annual state training.
  10. Complete the required recertification training.
  11. Submit to and pass the required background check or ongoing monitoring of criminal background information under Policy DAC.
  12. Pass all drug and alcohol testing requirements.
  13. Follow all District transportation policies and procedures.

Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations p. 20-21 (2019)

National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures Appendix D p. 397 (May 2015)

            A school bus driver’s duties include, in addition to operating the bus on routes as directed to transport students, the following specific responsibilities:

  1. Report defective school bus equipment and accessories, including but not limited to, fire extinguishers, highway warning kits, first aid and body fluid cleanup kits, snow chains, sanders, etc., and when necessary install, service or replace defective equipment;
  2. Perform required operational and safety inspections of the school bus and all related equipment;
  3. As directed, clean and service the school bus to include interior cleaning and exterior bus washing, installation of fuel, oil and other fluids;
  4. Operate all hand and foot controls installed in a school bus, as required;
  5. Perform basic first aid, as appropriate, which may include CPR;
  6. Work effectively with a group of students of different grade levels, abilities or program placement;
  7. Accurately and legibly complete forms, records, reports and other documentation/data-logging activities, as required;
  8. Be punctual;
  9. Dress appropriately and wear proper foot protection;
  10. Manage passengers in the school bus;
  11. Report unsafe acts or conditions that require the attention of any person other than the driver.

National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures Appendix D p. 397-97 (May 2019)

Traffic violation reporting—

            In addition to the reporting required under Policy DACA, bus drivers must report any traffic violation conviction to the District within 48 hours, with the exception of parking violations. (This applies to any such matters whether those occur in the course of work responsibilities or on personal time and with private vehicles.)

Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations p. 23 (2019)

Maintenance and service personnel—

The District will employ adequate staff to perform maintenance functions on a timely basis consistent with Utah and national standards. The District will arrange, at regular intervals, for pre-service and in-service training for mechanics.

Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations p. 22 (2019)

Misconduct: violation of regulations—officers and employees—

Any officer or employee of any District who violates any of the regulations established under Utah Code Section 41-6a-1304 (the Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations) or fails to comply with said regulations in any contract executed by that person on behalf of a District shall be guilty of misconduct and subject to removal from office or employment.

Utah Code § 41-6a-1305(1) (2005)

Misconduct: violation of regulations—contractees—

Any person operating a school bus under contract with a District who fails to comply with any regulations contained in the Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations shall be guilty of breach of contract and such contract shall be canceled after notice and hearing by the responsible officers of such District.

Utah Code § 41-6a-1305(2) (2005)