CJBC – Transportation: Personnel – Training





The District will permit all personnel the opportunity to participate in training in order that they attain a high degree of competence and knowledge of their duties.

Pupil transportation director—

The District Pupil Transportation Director shall attend such training as is required by his or her duties and responsibilities and as may be recommended by the State Board of Education.

Bus driver training—

Bus drivers shall complete all of the training required under the Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations, “Bus Driver Instruction and Certification Standard,” which incorporates the national standards. Utah standards mention at 21, mostly incorporate the national standards. National standards discuss at 163-65.

Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations p. 21 (2019)

National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures p. 163-65 (May 2015)

Mechanic training—

The District recognizes that a school bus which operates properly is more responsive to the driver’s command and enables the driver to devote attention to the driving task. The importance and the continuous safe operating characteristics of the school bus are vital to the District’s pupil transportation system. An untrained mechanic is a poor investment of funds. Therefore, mechanics will attend at least eight hours of in-service training each year consistent with the requirements of the Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations and the national standards.Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations p. 22 (2019)