CJCC – Transportation: Equipment – Advertising on School Buses



Advertising on School Buses


The Board of Education authorizes the sale of advertising on school buses used by the District subject to the standards and requirements of this policy.

Advertising Content—

The content of advertising on school buses shall be appropriate for school age children and shall be consistent with state health curriculum requirements (established under Utah Code § 53G-10-402).

The District shall not accept advertising for school buses which contains:

  1. Promotion of any substance or activity which is illegal for minors, including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or gambling;
  2. Promotion of any political party, candidate, or issue;
  3. Sexual material; or
  4. Religious messages (including those favorable or unfavorable towards religion).

Utah Code § 41-6a-1309 (2018)

            The District may reject advertising for school buses which:

  1. Relates to a subject or topic which the District determines is controversial or which may create controversy; or
  2. Relates to another educational institution or an educational service which is in competition with the District’s educational programs.

Advertising Contracts—

Each contract for advertising on a school bus shall require the advertiser to pay the cost of placing the advertisement on the bus and the cost of removing the advertisement from the bus when the contract expires.

Revenue derived from the sale of advertising on school buses shall be used only for expenditures within accounting function 2700 (School Transportation Services).

Utah Code § 41-6a-1309(4)(b), (5) (2018)

Advertisement Placement and Format—

Advertisement placed on a bus may not:

  1. be placed on the front or back of the bus;
  2. cover an area greater than 35% of the side area of the bus;
  3. cover, obscure or interfere with the operation of any required lighting, reflective tape, emergency exits or any other safety equipment;
  4. be placed within six inches of any required markings, lighting or other required safety equipment;
  5. resemble a traffic control device;
  6. be illuminated; or
  7. be constructed of reflective material.

Utah Code § 41-6a-1309(2)(b)(iv) (2018)

Utah Admin. Rules R909-3-2 (March 14, 2022)