CJDA – Transportation: Operations – Communications




Communication and evaluation—

The District recognizes that it is important to keep District administration, staff, parents, and pupils informed regarding transportation matters and operational procedures. The Superintendent, in consultation with the Pupil Transportation Director, will submit for Board approval policies and procedures for rapid and effective communications relating to pupil transportation. Some of the methods that the District may use are:

  1. Bulletins to explain the District’s transportation policy to school administrators, teachers, drivers, parents, pupils and others associated with the operation and to clarify new laws and safety policies.
  2. Meetings that provide an opportunity for those associated with the school transportation program to share their views and help build broad community support for safe transportation.
  3. Public press releases to inform parents of policy, route, stop and schedule changes; the safety record of the pupil transportation operation; and positive driver achievement records.
  4. Conferences to discuss solutions to disciplinary problems with drivers, attendants or monitors, disruptive pupils and their parents and to review policy decisions affecting drivers, contractors, students, and administrators.
  5. Letters to inform parents of all school and state regulations and new routes, and to reply to more urgent inquiries regarding pupil transportation safety, policy and procedures.
  6. Telephone calls to provide quick contact between bus operators and the school or between parents and the school in the event of urgent or emergency situations.
  7. Radio, television, or web page announcements to inform the public of procedures the schools will follow in case of severe weather conditions or other natural phenomena, new policies, laws, etc.
  8. Formal hearings as required for student suspensions from transportation, for route challenges, or for serious complaints against drivers or attendants.
  9. Wireless communications devices, consistent with Policy CJDG.

National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures p. 159-60 (May 2015)