CJDBB – Transportation: Operations – Charter School Students



Charter School Students

Transporting Charter School Students—

The District may provide transportation to charter school students on existing, approved routes within the District on a space-available basis. The District shall not displace any students of the District to transport charter school students, nor shall the District incur any additional costs in transporting charter school students.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-551-4(3) (January 9, 2019)

Charter Students Boarding and Leaving Bus—

Charter school students who have been authorized to ride on a District bus shall board and leave the bus only at existing designated stops on existing approved bus routes or at an identified destination school. Each charter school student shall board and leave the bus at the same stop each day.

Notice of District Bus Policies—

The District shall provide notice to charter school students who are authorized to ride District buses, and to the student’s parent or guardian, of the District’s bus policies, including the standards for student conduct on the bus. (See Policy FGAC.)

Bus Privileges Revoked for Violation of Policies—

If a charter school student riding a District bus violates the District bus policies or standards of conduct, the student will forfeit the privilege of riding the District bus and will no longer be permitted to do so.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-551-3(4)(b) (January 9, 2019)