CJDF – Transportation: Operations – District Vehicles



District Vehicles

District vehicles used for designated purposes—

District-owned vehicles shall be held and used for designated purposes. For example, the designated purpose of a school bus is to transport children to and from school, and under the direction of an authorized District employee to transport children to and from school sponsored events such as field trips and travel to school extracurricular activities. An administrator or supervisor of a work assignment which includes the use of vehicles should designate in writing the scope of work for which a vehicle is required and thereafter the vehicle should not be used for any other purpose.

Use limited to approved drivers—

School vehicles should be driven only by drivers approved by the District. The District shall approve as drivers only those persons who have driving credentials issued by the State of Utah sufficient to operate the vehicle in the designated application and whose driving record meets district standards. Administrators or supervisors of work assignments which include the use of vehicles shall expressly assign drivers as needed to perform driving assignments.

Student operation prohibited—

Students, even students with operator licenses sufficient to operate a District vehicle under the laws of the state, shall not operate District vehicles.

Disqualification for poor driving record—

The District may disqualify an employee from operating District vehicles because of a poor driving record notwithstanding that the employee has state driving credentials in good standing.

Vehicles to be kept at District garages—

A District-owned vehicle should be parked at District garages after hours unless the designated purpose of the vehicle expressly authorizes the vehicle to be parked elsewhere or unless the designated purpose of the vehicle includes personal use by a District employee.

Approved part-time personal use of District vehicles—

A District-owned vehicle may be designated for part-time personal use by a District employee to whom it is assigned only with the consent of the Board. Personal use is use outside of regular operating hours for purposes unrelated to the operator’s assignment in the District. Part-time personal use of a District vehicle is considered to be valuable and shall be accounted for by the District as additional compensation to the operator of the vehicle. Personal use does not include use as directed by the District by a District employee who maintains a District vehicle at that employee’s residence at the request of the District in order to be able to respond quickly to emergencies within the District, not does it include parking a bus at a location selected by the District for convenience in reducing the travel distances or time en route needed to transport children to school.

Emergency use of District vehicles—

In an emergency, a District-owned vehicle may be used by law enforcement personnel or other persons for the purpose of saving life to the extent made necessary by exigent circumstances, but all reasonable efforts shall be made to comply with District policy governing vehicles and the operation of such vehicles and to protect District vehicles and other District property from harm.