LOC DBAA – GCSD Salary Step Placement

GCSD Salary Step Placement – Licensed Employees 

Salary step placement of all new employees may be determined in the following manner:

1. Credit may be given for prior years of related work experience up to ten (10) years. The steps will be awarded year for year up to ten (10) years.  Any years above (10) ten may be negotiated through the superintendent with prior board approval.  

2. Prior related work experience must be verified by previous employers prior to granting of related work experience credit.

GCSD Non-Licensed Teacher Salary Step Placement

It is the expectation of Garfield County School District that all non-licensed teachers become licensed and highly qualified in the content area they are assigned to teach.  The responsibility of becoming licensed and endorsed is the sole responsibility of the educator.  Teachers hired without the required license and endorsements of their assignment will have three years to become highly qualified.  If, after three years, the teacher has not met state and district requirements, the teacher contract will not be renewed.  Any exceptions or extensions to this to this policy will require written board approval. 

* Teachers that receive extensions from the board will not be eligible for a step or lane salary increase until they are highly qualified.  

GCSD Salary Step Placement – Unlicensed Employees

Salary step placement of all new employees may be determined in the following manner:

1. All new employees will be placed on step 1, lane 1 of the classified salary schedule.

2. Employees placed on the professional classified salary schedule will be placed on step 1 and the lane corresponding to their educational degree.

***The Board of Education retains the authority to specify the salary of new teaching positions and to determine the credit to be awarded for placement on the District’s teacher salary schedule, in accordance with any applicable terms in the negotiated agreement.