DED – Overtime


Overtime Requires Prior Approval—

Before overtime is recorded or overtime work is performed for the District, an employee shall obtain written or verbal approval from the employee’s supervisor or from another officer or administrator having authority to authorize the overtime.  

Overtime Work—

“Overtime work” is defined as time worked in the “work week,” as defined by policy, exceeding 40 hours for a non-exempt employee in which non-exempt employee is compensated at a rate not less than 1 ½ times the employee’s hourly rate.


Compensatory Time or “Comp-Time” is time worked after a normal 40 hour week that has been converted to time off rather than pay.

  • Comp-Time cannot accrue to over 20 hours unless approved by the superintendent.
  • Comp-Time can be paid as a payroll distribution based on an employee request or as a district mandate.
  • Comp-Time cannot be taken for full days at a time.  An employee must work at least 2 hours of a work day before taking Comp-Time to cover any missed time.  Vacation time may be applied to the 2 hour work expectation.
  • No Comp-Time may be accrued without the pre-approval of the employee’s immediate supervisor.  
  • Comp-Time needs to be taken off by the end of the next week if possible.  
  • Comp-Time must be used before years end or it will be paid out in payroll.

Work Week—

“Work week” is defined as the period of time beginning at midnight between Saturday night and Sunday morning and ending the next Saturday midnight.

Regular Time—

Regular time is the number of hours an a full time employee is authorized to work during the “work week” through for a maximum 40 hours.


All regular time work and authorized overtime work must be completed on site unless prior authorization is obtained.  Employees must receive written authorization prior to the start of any off-site work.

  • “On-site work” is defined as work performed within the normal course and scope of employment at the District’s regular places of business, e.g., schools, district office, bus warehouse, etc.
  • “Off-site work” is any work performed at a location different than the District’s regular places of business.

Time Keeping—

Each employee will comply with District time-keeping protocols by promptly recording daily regular time and any over time worked only by time clock or specific method prescribed by the District.

Failure to Comply—

Failure to comply with this policy and/or the District’s overtime procedures may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.