DFD – Teacher Leader

Teacher Leader

Qualifications for Designation as a Teacher Leader—

The District may designate as a Teacher Leader a teacher who:

  1. Has a professional educator license;
  2. Either:
    1. Has an educator evaluation effectiveness rating of effective or highly effective for at least the two years prior to being designated as a teacher leader; or
    1. Has a successful or equivalent rating using the Board of Education approved evaluation system for at least the two years prior to being designated as a teacher leader;
  3. Demonstrates competence in working with adult learners and peers;
  4. Demonstrates:
    1. Consistent leadership;
    1. Focused collaboration;
    1. Distinguished teaching; and
    1. A commitment to ongoing professional growth; and
  5. Is recommended by the building administrator to be designated as a Teacher Leader.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-307-3 (January 11, 2022)

Roles of a Teacher Leader—

            Teacher Leaders shall maintain their assignment as a classroom teacher while fulfilling appropriate leadership responsibilities. This leadership may be provided in a school through formally or informally designated responsibilities. A Teacher Leader may perform the following functions:

  1. Professional learning lead, including:
    1. Generally supporting school-based professional learning, or
    1. Serving as a learning designee or facilitator for professional learning activities;
  2. Formally trained and recognized mentor, including:
    1. Modeling effective instructional strategies for other teachers;
    1. Training, supervising, and mentoring:
      1. Student teachers
      1. New teachers; or
      1. Teachers that supervise student teachers; or
    1. Coaching the development of effective instruction;
  3. Lead or master teacher, including:
    1. Guiding other educators in collecting, understanding, analyzing, and interpreting student-achievement data and using those findings to improve instruction;
    1. Leading efforts to modify or improve curriculum; or
    1. Facilitating and coordinating professional learning communities;
  4. Education policy advocate, including:
    1. Positively contributing to informed decisions made by policy makers; or
    1. Sharing information with colleagues regarding impact of policy on classroom practices;
  5. School outreach lead, including:
    1. Leading specific school improvement initiatives; or
    1. Acting as a liaison for community projects; or
  6. Education ambassador, including:
    1. Networking within and beyond local, state, and national education organizations; or
    1. Serving on task forces, committees, and advisory boards.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-307-4(1)-(3) (January 11, 2022)

Utah Code § 53E-6-902(2) (2020).

Teacher Leader Incentives—

            As determined to be appropriate by the Board of Education, designated Teacher Leaders may be given a pay increase, bonus, or other financial incentive or may be given a reduction in the Teacher Leader’s regular classroom workload.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-307-4(4) (January 11, 2022)