ECCB – Curriculum: Mathematics Assessment for K-3


Mathematics Assessment for K-3

Mathematics Assessment—

Subject to legislative appropriations, District elementary schools shall administer the State Board of Education approved mathematics assessments at the beginning (before September 30), in the middle (between December 1 and January 31), and at the end (between the middle of April and June 15) of grade one, grade two and grade three. The District schools may also administer the early mathematics benchmark assessments in kindergarten.

Following each benchmark assessment, the school shall notify parents or guardians of their student’s results by October 30, the last day of February, and June 30, respectively. The District shall also report the results to the State Superintendent by the same dates, together with the additional information required by Rule R277-406-3(6).Utah Code § 53E-4-307.5 (2020)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-406-3(1) to (5) (November 9, 2020)

Scoring Below Benchmark—

A student scores below benchmark when the student performs below the benchmark score on the benchmark mathematics assessment and requires additional instruction beyond that provided to typically developing peers in order to close the gap between the student’s current level of achievement and that expected of all students in that grade.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-406-2(11) (November 9, 2020)

If a benchmark assessment indicates that a student is scoring below benchmark, the school shall implement a remediation intervention as required by the State Superintendent.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-406-3(4)(b) (November 9, 2020)