ECJ – Curriculum: Ethnic Studies


Ethnic Studies

Adoption of Ethnic Studies Curriculum—

“Ethnic studies” means the interdisciplinary social and historical study of how different populations have experienced and participated in building the United States of America, including the study of the culture, history, and contributions of Utahns of diverse ethnicities.

Utah Code § 53E-4-204.1(1)(b) (2022)

By August 1, 2024, the District shall select and adopt curriculum and instructional materials for teaching ethnic studies to students in kindergarten through grade 12 that are integrated with regular schoolwork and that align with the core ethnic studies curriculum standards established by the State Board of Education.

Utah Code § 53E-4-204.1(5)(a) (2022)

In addition to meeting State Board of Education requirements, the ethnic studies curriculum and instructional materials adopted by the District shall:

  1. focus on shared identity and honoring unique cultural differences, including that each individual student has unique characteristics, the common elements that unite Utahns, and respect for distinct socio-cultural identities; and
  2. include themes including cultural histories within the context of United States history and global history

Utah Code § 53E-4-204.1(5)(b) (2022)

            The District shall modify or revise the ethnic studies instructional materials and curriculum as needed to align with core curriculum standards. In meeting ethnic studies requirements, the District may offer a course on ethnic studies. The District shall report to the State Board of Education on its compliance with the ethnic studies requirements.

Utah Code § 53E-4-204.1(5)(c), (d) (2022)