EFBB – Grading: Testing Procedures and Standards-Exclusion from Testing


Testing Procedures and Standards—Exclusion from Testing

Parental Right to Exempt Students from State Required Assessments—

A parent has the right to exempt the parent’s student from a statewide assessment. A student who is exempted from a statewide assessment may not be penalized (put in an unfavorable position or at a disadvantage) because of the exemption. This policy sets forth the required procedure for exemption and addresses related matters. The District may establish its own policy with regard to any assessments which are required by the District but are not statewide assessments, including whether a student can be exempted from District assessments and what consequences there are for taking or failing to take such an assessment.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-7(1), (2), (6) (July 8, 2021)

Exception Regarding Basic Civics Test—

            A student must pass the basic civics test in order to receive a high school diploma, as provided in Utah Code § 53E-4-205(2) and Utah Administrative Rules R277-700-8(2)(b)(i). A parent may exempt the parent’s student from taking the basic civics test, but the student may not graduate without successfully completing that test requirement, notwithstanding the prohibition on penalizing a student exempted from state required assessments.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-7(3)(c) (July 8, 2021)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-700-8(2) (March 14, 2018)

Utah Code § 53E-4-205(2) (2021)

Exemption Procedure—

            To exempt a student from one or more statewide assessments, the parent shall, on an annual basis, fill out the Parental Exclusion from State Assessment form and deliver it to the principal or the District at least one day before the beginning of any assessment from which the student is to be exempted. (In the discretion of the District, and upon parental request, the District may exempt a student from a statewide assessment when the form is delivered less than a day before the assessment begins.) The form may be delivered by email, mail, or in person. The form is available at https://schools.utah.gov/assessment. (The District may create a District-specific form if that form lists the District required assessments from which the student may be exempted and the form also contains all the information described in the Parental Exclusion from State Assessment form.)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-7(4) (July 8, 2021)

Additional Requirements—

            The following standards apply to parental exemptions:

1.   Students may not be given nonacademic rewards for participation in a statewide assessment or for performance on a statewide assessment. Teachers may use student scores on statewide assessments to improve the student’s academic grade or to demonstrate the student’s competency within a relevant course.

2.   A teacher, principal, or other District administrator may contact a parent to verify that the parent submitted a Parental Exclusion from State Assessment form.

3.   A parent may be requested, but may not be required, to meet with a teacher, principal, or other District administrator regarding the parent’s request to exclude the parent’s student from taking a statewide assessment.

4.   The student’s parent shall, consistent with the protection of student privacy, be provided the student’s individual test results and scores.

5.   If a student who has been exempted from participating in a statewide assessment is in attendance during test administration, the student shall be provided with an alternative learning experience.

6.   A student who has been exempted from participation in a statewide assessment may be allowed to be physically present in the room during test administration.

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