EHA – Graduation: Graduation Requirements

Revised September 2023

Diploma or Certificate of Completion—

The District will award a diploma or certificate of completion to students who complete the requirements as follows:

  1. High School Diploma
    1. Successful completion of the core curriculum and all state course requirements.
    2. Successful completion of ___ credits beyond the core curriculum as required by District policy.
  2. Certificate of Completion
    1. Completion of senior year;
    2. Exiting or aging out of the school system; and
    3. Have not met all state or District requirements for a diploma

The District will not enroll a student with intent to award a diploma or certificate of completion after the student has earned a high school equivalence.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-705-4 (January 11, 2023)

Adult education students will be awarded diplomas as set forth in Policy EHE.

Special Education Students—

Special education students shall satisfy high school completion or graduation criteria, consistent with state and federal law and the student’s IEP. Such students may be awarded a certificate of completion or a diploma as set forth above, consistent with state and federal law and the student’s IEP or Section 504 plan.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-705-4 (January 11, 2023)

A student with a significant cognitive disability may be awarded an alternate diploma if the student accesses grade-level Core standards through the Essential Elements, the student’s IEP team makes graduation substitutions in the same content area from a list of alternative courses approved by the State Superintendent, and the student meets all graduation requirements prior to exiting school at or before age 22. An alternate diploma may not indicate that the recipient is a student with a disability. Notwithstanding the award of an alternate diploma, the District may still be obligated to provide FAPE to an eligible student in accordance with IDEA.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-705-5 (January 11, 2023)

Methods of Obtaining Credit—

Credits towards graduation may be obtained and recorded on the student’s transcript by the following methods:

  1. Successful completion of courses in the high schools of the District.
  2. Successful completion of concurrent-enrollment college courses.
  3. Satisfaction of coursework by demonstrated competency under policies established by the District following appropriate review.
  4. Successful completion of assessment tests in particular subject areas, as established by District policy.
  5. Evaluation of student work or projects consistent with District or school procedures and criteria.
  6. Successful completion, as determined by the District or school, of correspondence or electronic coursework with prior approval by the District or school to the extent practicable.
  7. Transfer credits awarded to a student by a school or provider accredited by an accrediting entity adopted by the State Board of Education, which credits shall be accepted as issued by the school, without alteration.

Before reviewing a student’s home school or competency work, assessment, or materials with regard to a request for credit, the District shall require documentation of compliance with Utah Code § 53G-6-204 (relating to excuse from compulsory school attendance).

 [Note: The District is required to establish a policy explaining the process and standards for acceptance and reciprocity of credits earned and must do so in an open meeting.]

Utah Admin. Rules R277-705-3 (January 11, 2023)

Utah Code § 53G-7-206 (2019)

Notice of Credit Requirements—

Each school within the District shall provide to the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of each student enrolling in the school specific and adequate notice of the District’s requirements and limitations for awarding credit, including credits transferred from other schools or education providers and credits awarded from other sources under this policy.