EHD – Graduation: Middle School Graduation Requirements


Middle School Graduation Requirements

Purpose of the Policy—

To ensure that students achieve minimum academic proficiencies and to meet the requirements of state law requiring students to attain the competency levels and graduation requirements established by law.  The Board adopts this policy as a directive to each middle school in the District.


Each middle school in the District shall establish a remediation program that is mandatory for any student who fails to meet the competency levels based on classroom performance in English, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Advancements in Grade—

Students who require remediation may not be advanced to the following class in subject sequences until they meet the required competency level for the subject or complete the required remediation program.  However, students who would otherwise be scheduled to enter their first year of high school may be allowed to proceed to high school to complete their remediation program during the first year of high school.

Scope of Remediation—

Remediation courses shall not be unnecessarily repetitive or lengthy.  A student need not repeat an entire class if remediation can be achieved reasonably through other means.

A fee may be charged to students to participate in remediation programs.