FAA – Evaluation of Interscholastic Athletic Participation

Evaluation of Interscholastic Athletic Participation


  1. “Interscholastic sport” means an activity in which a student represents the student’s school in the sport in competition against another school.
  2. “Gender-designated interscholastic sport” means an interscholastic sport that is specifically designated for female or male students.
  3. “Title IX” means Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as codified at 20 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.

Utah Code § 53G-6-1101 (2022).

Report on Interscholastic Sports—

            Before the beginning of each academic year, the athletic director or another designated administrator from each school in the District which sponsors or offers an interscholastic sport shall provide the Board of Education with a report regarding the interscholastic sports available at the school, including both gender-designated interscholastic sports and interscholastic sports which are designated as mixed. The report shall include the interscholastic sports designated by the Utah High School Activities Association (“UHSAA”) as girls sports, boys sports, and mixed sports, but shall also include any interscholastic sports that are not regulated by UHSAA. The report shall include:

  1. the number of students participating in each interscholastic sport, categorized by gender;
  2. the amount of spending that the school devotes to each gender-designated interscholastic sport (in total and on a per-student basis);
  3. the amount of spending that the school devotes to each interscholastic sport which is not gender-designated (in total and on a per-student basis);
  4. a comparison and evaluation of designated practice and game locations for each interscholastic sport, including comparisons between similar gender-designated interscholastic sports; and
  5. information regarding the school’s efforts to comply with Title IX nondiscrimination requirements as those apply to interscholastic sports.

If the report data indicate that there is an overall discrepancy in participation of 10% or greater between the school’s male-designated interscholastic sports and the school’s female-designated interscholastic sports, the report shall also include an action plan developed by the school to address the discrepancy.

Utah Code § 53G-6-1101(2) (2022)

Utah High Schools Activities Association Handbook 2021-2022 pg. 61

Board Review of Reports—

            The Board of Education shall review each report it receives from schools on interscholastic athletic sports in a public board meeting.

Utah Code § 53G-6-1101(3) (2022)