FBBB – Participation in Online Education

Participation in Online Education

Participation in Online Education

Information and Notices—

Information about online courses and programs available through the Statewide Online Education Program shall be provided in school registration materials, posted on the District’s website, and posted on school websites. Information in registration materials shall be provided concurrent with the high school registration period for the upcoming school year.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-726-6(3), (4) (May 11, 2022)

Facilitating Enrollment in Online Courses—

            District schools shall facilitation student enrollment with any eligible online course providers selected by an eligible student, consistent with course credit limits.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-726-6(1) (May 11, 2022)

Course Credit—

            District schools shall include the online courses of students enrolled in the school in the student’s enrollment records and, upon course completion, shall include online course grades and credits on the student’s transcripts. Credits for courses completed before grade 9 will be recognized for purposes of high school graduation provided that the student’s records include documentation of the student’s intention to graduate early and the student is enrolled at a middle school or junior high school and a high school accredited in accordance with Utah Administrative Rules R277-410.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-726-6(5), (6) (May 11, 2022)

Access to Facilities—

            District schools shall provide to enrolled students who are enrolled in online classes access to facilities for such students to participate in an online course during the regular school day.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-726-6(9) (May 11, 2022)

Students Eligible for Fee Waiver—

            If an enrolled student is eligible for fee waiver, District schools shall provide the student access to an online course by either allowing the student access to necessary technology to participate in the online course in a computer lab or other space within the school building during a school period or during the regular school day or by providing the student with the technology and wifi needed to participate in the online course outside of the school building.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-726-6(8) (May 11, 2022)