FBBC Home-Centered School Enrollment

Home-Centered Enrollment Option—

 Home-centered, school-supported enrollment is an enrollment option where a student is allowed to complete the course work for one or more courses or subject areas from home during part of the day and to attend in-person instruction for the remainder of the day.

Utah Code § 53G-6-710(1)(a) (2023)

The Board of Education may elect to allow home-centered, school-supported enrollment at one or more schools within the District by resolution establishing that as an enrollment option.

Utah Code § 53G-6-710(2)(a) (2023)

Requirements for Home-Centered School Enrollment—

If home-centered school enrollment is authorized by the Board, the District shall:

  1. Establish standards and requirements for students to participate;
  2. Provide the instructional materials to be used by participating students;
  3. Provide a participating student’s parents with resources the District considers appropriate to assist in parent involvement with student learning;
  4. Develop assessments to measure a participating student’s academic progress;
  5. Administer the assessments to a participating student (subject to Policy EFBB and Policy GCE); and
  6. Monitor compliance with the standards and requirements for participation.

Utah Code § 53G-6-710(2)(b) (2023)

Students participating in home-centered school enrollment are subject to statewide assessments to the same extent as students in regular school enrollment.

Utah Code § 53G-6-710(4) (2023)

Students who attend home school as provided for in Policy FBB are not eligible to participate in home-centered school enrollment.

Utah Code § 53G-6-710(3) (2023)