FBF – Re-Entry into Public Schools

Admissions and Attendance:

Re-Entry Into Public Schools

Students Returning from Private or Home Schools—

            Students who have not been enrolled in public school but have been enrolled in private school or home school shall be admitted to the District’s public school upon application to the District by the parents, subject to all eligibility requirements imposed by District policy and state and federal law and regulation.


            Students requesting re-admission from private schools or home schools shall be placed as follows:

            Students returning from accredited private schools shall be placed according to the grade level and credits shown on the records from the prior school. Students returning from a non-accredited private school which is not a home school shall be evaluated using assessment tools regularly administered to students and placed according to the results of that assessment.

            Students returning from a home school shall be placed in the grade level, classes, or courses that the student’s parent, in consultation with the school administrator, determine are appropriate based on the parent’s assessment of the student’s academic performance. Within 30 days of placement, either the student’s teacher or the student’s parent may request a conference to consider changing the student’s placement. If after conferring the teacher and the parent agree on a placement change, the change will be made. If disagreement remains about a placement change, then the student’s subject matter mastery shall be evaluated. The parent may choose either (a) to have the school evaluate the student using assessments that are regularly administered to public school students and used to measure subject matter mastery and determine placement, or (b) to have a private entity or individual evaluate the student with subject matter assessments at the parent’s expense. After a student’s subject matter mastery has been evaluated, the school may change the student’s placement in a grade level, class, or course.

Utah Code § 53G-6-706 (2019)

            Graduation Requirements—Students entering the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade levels after participation in home or private school will be required to fulfill all graduation requirements in order to receive a diploma. The District will not accept home education as credit toward graduation. The District will accept credit toward graduation from an accredited regularly established private school.

            Students may fulfill graduation credits by successfully completing courses required for credit (including approved on-line or correspondence course work), by transfer of credits from accredited schools or providers, or by demonstrating proficiency via assessment tests or evaluation of student work or projects. Student work completed as part of home education may be evaluated for credit purposes, subject to documentation of compliance with Utah Code § 53G-6-204.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-705-3 (February 28, 2018)