FDA – Health Requirements and Services: Vision Screening

Health Requirements and Services

Vision Screening

Vision Screening at Enrollment—

A child under nine years old entering a public school for the first time in this state must present one of the following to the school:

  1. A completed vison screening form signed by a health care professional certifying that the child has received an adequate vision screening; or
  2. A written statement signed by a parent that the child will not be screened before attending public school in the state.

The District shall conduct free vision screening clinics for children who are at least 3 1/2 years old but not yet 16 years old who enrolled at a school within the boundaries of the District pursuant to Utah Code § 53G-9-404.

A volunteer who serves as a vision screener for a free vision screening clinic for a qualifying child must be either trained by a school nurse or complete the Department of Health online training module and must be supervised by a school nurse or an outside entity conducting screening for the District consistent with Department of Health regulations. A vision screening volunteer may not market, advertise, or promote a business in connection with assisting at the screening clinic.

Screening provided under this policy shall follow the procedures and standards set out in Utah Administrative Rules R384-201.

Utah Code § 53G-9-404 (2019)

Utah Admin. Rules R384-201 (July 9, 2020)