Title III – ELL Services

Title III Parental Notification Letter

Garfield County School District

Date: _______

______ New Enrollment (See Paragraph A)
______ Continuing   (See Paragraph B)

Dear Parent or Legal Guardian of _______________________

(Paragraph A:)

Your child is a newly enrolled student in our English Language Acquisition Program.  All students are screened to determine their English language proficiency level and English language needs. This letter is to notify you that your child is eligible for English language services.

Your child’s English language proficiency was assessed with the WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test/W-APT™ (or Measure of Developing English Language/MODEL™) and his/her overall score on the placement assessment was ______.

(Paragraph B:)

As a continuing student in our Title III Program, your child is annually assessed to determine his/her English language proficiency level and English language needs. This letter is to notify you that your child continues to be eligible for Title III services.

Your child’s Composite Score on the (SY 2013-2014) ACCESS for ELLs® English language Proficiency Test was ______.

The Title III program, under the direction of the No Child Left Behind Act, provides supplemental assistance to students whose primary language in the home is other than English and who need help in meeting Utah’s academic standards as set by the Utah SAGE/ACCESS for ELLs Results.
The Title III Program supports the use of best practices for language acquisition and sound educational strategies for meeting the individual needs of students. The program of services for your child is based on his/her English language proficiency as well as current academic achievement.  These services may include the use of personalized instructional materials, local and state testing administered with accommodations as needed, sheltered, mainstreamed, one to one, or small group instruction with a classroom teacher, ELL teacher or an educational technician; or a pullout program. These programs are designed to help students learn English and meet the academic requirements. We believe that this is the best option to meet your child’s instructional needs and promote academic success in school.

Eligibility for English language acquisition services is based on your child’s English language assessment results. Your child’s current English language proficiency test scores indicate she/he would benefit from English language instructional services. To meet the State’s definition of proficiency and exit from the program, a child must score a Composite Score of Level 6 on the ACCESS for ELLs® assessment and will be reclassified from limited English proficient to full English proficient.

You may request changes to your child’s English language acquisition services by sending a letter indicating your desire to the school. If you refuse direct English acquisition services for your child, his/her English language acquisition will then be serviced through the general instructional program for students who are fluent in English.

If you have any questions, you may call Chris Kupfer at (435) 590-8144 or email at chris@kanek12.org.


Chris Kupfer, Federal Programs Director

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