FGAC – Bus Conduct


Bus Conduct

Conduct which provides grounds for suspension from bus riding privileges


1. Student conduct that occurs on the bus which may warrant or requires

suspension or expulsion under the Safe School policy, FHA.

2. Willful injury or threat of injury to a bus driver or another rider.

3. Willful and/or repeated defacement of the bus.

4. Use of profanity after a warning.

5. Repeated willful disobedience to a bus driver or other supervisor’s directives.

6. Such other behavior as the school administration deems to threaten the safe

operation of the bus and it occupants.

Use of Video Surveillance on School Buses—

Video cameras may be used on school buses when deemed advisable to

monitor conduct and/or to maintain a safe environment for students and


Security of Video Surveillance—

The content of the video tapes constitutes student records that are

confidential and protected. Only those having a legitimate educational or

administrative purpose shall be able to review such information. If a tape

becomes the subject of a disciplinary proceeding, it shall be treated like all other

evidence in the hearing as confidential and protected.