GCB – Community Support Groups

Community Support Groups

Relations with community support groups—

            For purposes of this Policy, all student booster groups, parent booster groups or other community groups whose aims or goals include in part to further the goals of the School District shall be referred to as “Community Support Groups.”

            In the absence of a specific written authorization by the Superintendent, no Community Support Group is authorized to act on behalf of or represent the School District. Any implication of actual or apparent agency of such Community Support Groups to act on behalf of the School District is hereby negated and specifically rejected.

Use of school district name or insignia—

            No organization shall be entitled to use any School District insignia, designation or name without the express written permission from the Superintendent of the School District. All written material of a non-School District organization listing or using, in any capacity, a School District or individual school name, must also contain a disclosure that the organization does not act on behalf of the School District or individual school unless express written permission has been granted by the Superintendent of the School District to do so.

Volunteer workers—

            An individual volunteer worker who has been retained by a Community Support Group does not have any authority to bind or to represent or act on behalf of the School District unless otherwise specifically indicated in writing by the Superintendent of the School District.

Liability insurance—

            No individual, corporation or association or other entity shall be covered under the School District’s insurance policies and/or State Risk Management policies unless State Risk Management has specifically undertaken responsibility for such activities. All persons who are solicited and undertake to perform services at the request of a Community Support Group should look solely to that Community Support Group for any insurance coverage or coverage of risks.

Discipline problem—

            In the event that a volunteer of a Community Support Group undertakes to perform services on behalf of the School District at the request of the Community Support Group, such volunteer shall report all discipline problems related to School District students or employees to the School District for oversight and correction.

Community support group use of school facilities—

            A Community Support Group may use the school facilities under the same circumstances and conditions as identified in Policy GC above. However, the School District may, within its discretion, waive fees for use of the school building by such Community Support Group.