GCD – Political Party Use of School Meeting Facilities

Political Party Use of School Meeting Facilities

Meeting facility use by political parties—

Meeting facilities in District buildings are available for use by registered political parties subject to compliance with the requirements and conditions of this policy.

Utah Code § 20A-8-404(1) (2019)

Scheduling requirements—

            A political party desiring to use meeting facilities in a District building must request the use before 5:00 p.m. no later than 30 days in advance of the proposed use. The request shall be denied if the meeting facility is already scheduled for another purpose at the time of the requested use by the political party. Each District employee responsible for scheduling the use of buildings with meeting facilities shall, to the extent possible, avoid scheduling an event in such buildings on the same evening as an announced party caucus meeting.

Utah Code § 20A-8-404(1), (4) (2019)

Fees for meeting facility use by political parties—

The political party shall pay the District the actual costs incurred by the District for custodial services to clean the meeting facilities after the political party’s use. In addition, the political party shall pay the District the actual cost of any services requested by the political party and provided by the District.

Utah Code § 20A-8-404(3) (2019)

Duties of school principal—

The Principal, subject to approval of the Superintendent, shall coordinate the use of school meeting facilities and shall also be responsible for collection of monies, notification of personnel involved (custodian, lunch manager, or technician), and the determination of eligibility for use of the facilities under this policy.


The principal shall be responsible for adequate supervision of the school during meeting facility use. Any political party using school meeting facilities shall provide adult supervision adequate to maintain order and prevent the destruction of school property. Facilities shall not be available at the time of use unless the supervisor or supervisors are present as agreed. At the time of scheduling, arrangements shall be made for adequate supervision. School supervision shall consist of a minimum of one custodian to care for the interest of the District and its property, but the political party may not be charged for the custodian’s service other than as provided for above. In the absence of the principal, the custodian shall be in complete charge of the meeting facilities.

Standards of Behavior—

Tobacco, electronic cigarette products, intoxicating drinks, and boisterous conduct are expressly prohibited. The following will not be tolerated and are expressly prohibited by the Board:

  1. vandalism;
  2. use without consent, or abuse of school furniture or other school property; and,
  3. misappropriation or abuse of books, supplies, or athletic equipment belonging to the school or to its students.