GCG – School Climate Surveys

School Climate Surveys


For purposes of this policy:

“School Climate Survey” or “climate survey” means a survey that evaluates a range of aspects of the educational environment to assess perceptions and identify specific strengths and weaknesses within a school. While such a survey may include additional questions from the District (subject to compliance with Policy FEA and related statutes), it must include all of the questions identified in the Utah State Board of Education Model School Climate Survey.

“School Community” means relevant stakeholders, including parents, students, administration, school building staff (including teachers), and school resource officers

Utah Admin. Rules R277-623-2 (February 7, 2020)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-623-4(1), (2) (February 7, 2020)

Administration of Climate Survey—

Using a State Board of Education approved online provider, the District shall administer a school climate survey at least once every other year, in the opposite year from the Employee Engagement Survey. (See Policy DFC Employee Surveys.)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-623-4(3)(a), (5) (February 7, 2020)

The survey shall be administered to the District’s school community in an anonymous and randomized way, using other languages relevant to the school community where possible and in a form which complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act. The survey shall be administered to staff at the school level, to each school in the District, and to the lesser of 400 students or 35% of the District’s student population.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-623-4(3)(b) to (f), (6) (February 7, 2020)

The survey may be administered orally to a student if measures are put into place to protect the confidentiality of the student’s responses, the student can upon request have a different person administer the survey than initially assigned, and if measures are put in to place to protect the confidentiality and identity of the survey administrator from the general public.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-623-4(4) (February 7, 2020)

Confidentiality of Survey Information—

The responses provided by adults to climate surveys are designated as private information under Policy GA and the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act and access to such information will be allowed only as permitted under that policy and statute. The responses provided by students to climate records are student records for purposes of Policy FE and FERPA and access to those records will be allowed only as permitted under that policy and statute.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-623-4(7) (February 7, 2020)

Access to Model Surveys—

The USBE Model School Climate Survey can be obtained at the Utah State Board of Education offices and online at:


Utah Admin. Rules R277-623-3(2) (February 7, 2020)