GI – Military Testing and Recruitment

Military Testing and Recruitment    

Access for military recruiters—

Each school within the District shall allow military recruiters the same access to students that is allowed to postsecondary institutions or prospective employers.

20 U.S.C. § 7908(a)(3)

ASVAB test notices and result reporting—

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (“ASVAB”) is a test which is offered and administered by the United States armed services and which district secondary students may choose to take. The results of this test are provided to the student and to school counseling staff. When the ASVAB is administered at a district school, the results of this test may also be provided to military recruiters depending on which reporting option or options are selected by the school on behalf of its students. Under Option 8, test results are not made available to military recruiters. Options 1 through 6 provide for test results to be made available to military recruiters at different points in time depending on each option. (Option 7 is used by the military to identify invalid test results which are not used.) When the ASVAB is being given at a district school, the school shall provide advance written notice to students who choose to take the test and the parent of those students regarding dissemination of results to military recruiters. That notice shall inform students and parents that that the school will select for all students the option under which test results are not made available to military recruiters but that individual students’ parents or emancipated students may by advance written request to the school elect an option allowing for results to be provided to military recruiters.