Created: 19 January 2017
Modified: March 2023
GCSD Approved: June 2023

Employee Leave (Other Than Family Medical Leave)

Purpose –
The District encourages employees to take their available paid time off leave; it
provides a balance for them between work and their personal lives.

Paid time off Leave –
All Paid Time Off (“PTO”) requests must be submitted through the building
principal or supervisor on a leave of absence form.

Due to the summer workload, paid time off days taken for more than five (5)
consecutive days in the months of June, July, and August must be turned into
the District for Superintendent’s approval.

If all paid time off days have not been used, the remainder will roll into
personal sick leave, not to exceed 120 days or 960 hours.

Paid Time Off will not be paid out at the end of employment including
termination, resignation, or retirement. PTO will be prorated at the time of
separation and any days used over the accrued amount will be deducted
from the employee’s final check.

Leave is shown in the table below. New employees’ leave will be prorated
for their first year depending on the start date.

– Teachers: 11 Days
– Counselors: 12 Days
– Principals: 13 Days
– FT Classified Year 1: 152 Hours
– FT Classified Years 2 – 9: 192 Hours
– FT Classified 10 years +: 232
– Secretaries: 96

Holiday Schedule –
MLK Jr. Day January
President’s Day February
Spring Break March/April (2 Days)
Memorial Day May
July 4th
July 24th
Labor Day September
Fall Break October
Thanksgiving November (3 days)
Christmas December (2 days)
New Year’s Day December/January (2 days)

School Secretaries –
School Secretaries who work a ten (10) month contract will receive one
paid holiday for Labor Day.

Leave without pay –
All paid leave must be used prior to using any leave without pay.
Leave without pay must be approved, in advance, by the immediate
supervisor & Superintendent.

If an employee takes more than 5 days of leave without pay during a
contract year, they may incur disciplinary action.

Military Leave –
Employees of the District shall receive full pay for all time not in excess
of fifteen (15) days per year spent on duty at annual encampment or rifle
competition or other duties in connection with the Reserve training and
instruction requirements of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines of the
United States.

Jury Duty –
Employees who are selected to participate in a jury will have the
availability of Jury Duty leave. In order to use Jury Duty leave,
employees can be paid their regular compensation from the district
provided that the employee signs the compensation from the court over
to the district.

Professional Leave –
Any day of which an employee, while absent, is engaged in an activity
under the direction of the Board of Education shall not be regarded as
absent, provided such business has been cleared through the
Superintendent’s office. Examples of professional business are:

 Visiting days to other schools.
 Professional conventions, conferences, or meetings.
 Non-compensated speaking engagements involving education.

Sick Leave –
Sick Leave may only be utilized after all Paid Time Off has been
exhausted. Sick Leave is capped annually at 120 days or 960 hours.
Sick Leave will be paid out at retirement up to $4,200 and will be
prorated based on the sick leave balance. No sick leave will be paid out
upon termination or resignation from any District position.
(Sick leave balance/120 days or 960 hours max * $4,200)

Bereavement Leave –
Up to five (5) days may be used as bereavement for all benefitted
employees in the event of death of a member of the immediate
family, or any person who, preceding the death has been a member
of the same household as the employee, and shall be granted by the
Principal and approved by the Superintendent.
The immediate family is considered to be wife or husband, children,
father, mother, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, grandparents, or the
same of one’s spouse, uncles, aunts, niece, or nephews.

Pregnancy Leave –
A teacher who is pregnant will be permitted to continue to work as
late into her pregnancy as she is physically capable of performing the
normal duties of a teacher. All leave taken by reason of pregnancy
and/or child delivery is hereby designated as leave under the Family
Medical Leave Policy.

Benefits –
Whenever the employee who is pregnant cannot perform their normal
duties because of a medical disability connected with or resulting
from her pregnancy, she will be entitled to utilize her accumulated
paid time off and sick leave, and thereafter to take leave, if any is
available, under the Family Medical Leave Policy.

For the duration of FMLA leave, the district will maintain the
employee’s health coverage under any “group health plan.”

Return to Duty –
The employee will have the right to return to work within 12
weeks of delivery. An employee who fails to return within 12
weeks shall be deemed to have resigned employment with the
school district.

Sick Bank Leave
Purpose –
The intent of the Sick Bank Leave is to provide an employee with additional
sick leave days beyond what they have accumulated in their sick and paid time
off leave accounts. This additional leave is for the purpose of helping when
catastrophic illnesses or accidents occur that require the employee to be
absent from work.

Participation Eligibility –
Participating employees must be benefitted and must be enrolled in
the Sick Bank program.

To be eligible for the Sick Bank Leave participation in the current
fiscal year, an employee must donate one day from his or her own
paid time off leave during open enrollment.

Donations –
In the event that Sick Bank Leave requests exceed the available balance
in a given year, current Sick Bank participants may donate one
additional day per catastrophic event.

Donations are non-refundable.

Withdrawals –
A completed and signed GCSD Sick Bank Withdrawal form must be
submitted with verification from the attending physician concerning the
employee’s ability to work.

An employee may withdraw up to 60 days per catastrophic event.
Withdrawals may be taken by an employee to provide care to an
immediate family member (spouse, or a child who is dependent upon the
employee for support) who has suffered a catastrophic event.

Withdrawals cannot exceed 20 days per catastrophic event to care for
an immediate family member.

An employee may withdraw up to 180 days per lifetime, regardless of the
number of catastrophic events.

Bank Balance –
The Bank balance may not drop below 20 days.
Sick Bank days not used during the fiscal year as of June 30 will be
carried forward as the beginning balance of the next fiscal year.
No more than 200 days may be carried forward.

Bank Committee –
The Committee will be chaired by the Business Administrator.

It is the responsibility of the Committee to consider whether to approve
requests for withdrawals by majority vote.

The Committee will review requests for withdrawals when an eligible
employee requests use.

The Committee will be comprised of 7 members:
 Business Administrator.
 One school administrator.
 Three teachers representing:
Boulder-Escalante, Bryce Valley, and Antimony-Hatch-Panguitch.
 Two classified employees.

Appeal –
Should an employee feel that the Committee failed to adhere to District
policy, a written appeal can be made directly to the Superintendent. The
Superintendent is responsible for determining whether sufficient
justification exists to develop a hearing process, and the creation of a
hearing panel. The panel must include at least one board member.