GCSD Graduation Requirements

GCSD Approved: 03/21/2013
Garfield County Graduation Requirements

Class of 2013
Class of 2014
Class of 2015
Class of 2016 and on


Bryce Valley


Subject Requirements:

Language Arts - 4 Credits

  • Must take LA or and Advanced Placement Class through 11th grade.
  • The fourth credit may come through a LA 12, a foreign language, Debate, or upper level Language Arts Class.

Mathematics - 3 Credits

  • Graduating classes of 2013 and 2014 must complete Geometry & Algebra.
  • Graduating classes beyond 2014 must follow the new common core requirements.

Science - 3 Credits

  • Must complete two of the four Areas: Earth Systems (1 Credit), Biological Science (1 Credit), Chemistry (1 Credit), Physics (1 Credit).
  • Plus one additional unit of credit from the foundation courses or the applied or advanced science list.

Social Studies 3 Credits

  • All of the following courses are required: Geography for Life (1 credit), World Civilization (0.5 Credits), US History (1 Credit), US Government and Citizenship (0.5 Credits).

Arts - 1.5 Credits

  • Credit may come from any of the following Performance areas: Visual arts, Music, Dance, and Theatre.

GCSD Approved: 03/21/2013

Physical and Health Education - 2.5 Credits

  • Credit must come from: Health (1.0), Participation Skills (0.5), Fitness for Life (0.5), Individualized Lifetime Activities (0.5) or Team sport/athletic participation (0.5 max credits).

Career and Technical Education - 1.5 Credits

  • Adult Roles (.5)
  • Additional credits may come from: Agriculture, Business, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health Science and Technology, Information Technology, marketing, Technology Education, Trade and Technical Education.

Educational Technology - 0.5 Credit

  • Computer Technology is the specific name required for this course only and must be completed or successful completion of state-approved competency examination, credit may be awarded at the discretion of the school or school district.

General Financial Literacy - 0.5 Credit

  • General Financial Literacy (.5) is a state graduation requirement.
    In addition, students will take a math or science class their senior year.