With the end of first quarter behind us many schools will be scheduling SEP’s (Student Education Plan) formally known as parent teacher conferences in the Elementary schools and SEOP’s (Student Education Occupational Plan) in the High Schools.  The requirement to have SEP/SEOP conferences is found in the Utah State Code 53A-1a-106 which states each local school board, in consultation with school personnel, parents, and school community councils or similar entities shall establish policies to provide for the effective implementation of a personalized student education plan (SEP) or student education/occupation plan (SEOP) for each student at the school site.

The purpose of the SEP/SEOP is to effectively recognize the student’s accomplishment, strengths and progress towards meeting the student achievement standards set by the Utah State Office of Education.

Some common items generally discussed in an SEP conference should include the students reading benchmark scores set by the DIBELS testing.  Core testing results for students in math, language arts and science.  Teachers now have the ability to track each student’s core testing from year to year and see where the students made progress for that specific year or fell behind.  Teachers should cover classroom expectation in student behavior, homework,   student strengths and areas for improvements.    Parents may ask any question they may have relating to their students behavior or academic performance.    Some parents choose to take their students with them and others choose not to take their students, this is your choice as a parent.  There is currently no requirement to bring the students to SEP conferences but it may be beneficial to have students explain why the received there grades, receive praise from their teacher for all of their hard work and identify areas that may need some improvements.

In high schools we use the term SEOP because we focus more on the occupations student may want to pursue when they graduate from high school.  Teachers and counselors will review classes aligning with the occupation the students have expressed interest in.   The current graduation status may be reviewed to make sure students are on track to graduate.   Parents may want to ask about scholarships that may be available to the student.    We strongly encourage parents to bring their students to SEOP conferences so that their areas of interest in their future occupations may be identified.

SEP/SEOP conference days will be half days of school.  Dates that have been submitted to the District are scheduled as follows:

Panguitch Elementary November 2-3

Boulder Elementary November 9

Panguitch Elementary February 21-22

Panguitch Middle/High February 21-22

Bryce Valley Elementary November 3-4

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter yourself.” –Unknown

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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