Adult Education Diploma

At the beginning of the school year, I briefly discussed an upcoming Adult Education program in Garfield County School District.  The District’s Adult Education Director, Curtis Barney, applied and received additional funding from the State Office Education for adult learners in our area.  The additional funding was approximately $15,000, with a portion of the money designated to help adults or high school dropouts gain an Adult Education Diploma.   The monies for Adult Education are separate from monies used in the regular K-12 classroom so this money could not be used in the regular classroom setting, it must go directly to adult learners.  I am pleased to announce the Garfield Adult Education program is ready for enrollment.  The new program is called A+; it is available to adults or high school dropouts.  The program can be taken from the comforts of your own home as long as you have an internet connection or it can be taken in any location with internet access such as public libraries.  There are no costs associated with the program, we will receive additional funding from the state as learners progress through the program.  With the completion of the A+ program, the student will receive an Adult Education Diploma from Garfield County School District; which is equivalent to a regular diploma or a GED.  If you have ever wanted to complete your high school diploma but never had the means to do so, this new program could be the answer.  If you have questions, or would like to enroll in the program please contact Curtis Barney at 435-676-1151.

Garfield County School District is working closely with SWATC (South West Applied Technical College) to improve adult learning in our communities.  With the possible increased need for CDL licenses in our county, we have the ability to electronically transmit classes from SWATC to the Panguitch High EdNet facility.  If we have three people in our communities who would be interested in the class, SWATC will send an instructor to teach the class.  For more information please contact Peggy Green at 435-586-2899.

We currently have two adults enrolled in college classes in the Panguitch High EdNet.  If you are interested in completing your high school diploma, gaining a certificate from SWATC or continuing on with your college classes, we can help facilitate your needs.

As an information item we would like to inform you that our Surplus Auction link is up and running on our District website.  Various District surplus items will be put up for auction as they become available.  Please visit our website at

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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