I would like to thank the many people who donate countless hours as volunteers in our schools listening to students read or taking time to help them with their homework.  The education of a student is a community effort; it takes each one of us to show the importance of education to our children by taking an interest in their daily school activities.

Many schools in our communities have received financial donations from individuals. In Panguitch Elementary, over $400 has been donated to the library to purchase books. Recently, this same individual donated $1,000 to all of the District elementary school libraries.   In Panguitch High the Garfield Education Foundation pays for books and registration for students to take EDNET classes.  The Garfield Education Foundation also purchased $3,500 in text books and computers from the closed Silverado group.  Many of the textbooks will be used in our current classrooms. The computers will be used in our computer labs in the District. The District will sell any textbooks we are currently not using in our curriculum.   In Bryce Valley High School they received two anonymous donations.  One was approximately $600; the second donation was more than enough to cover the cost to fix the marquee which was about $1,500.  Escalante High School has received donations towards the purchase of athletic equipment in the past.  Escalante Elementary receives donations from parents in the form of time and classroom supplies for their school.  I would personally like to thank those in the community who donate their time and volunteer to help whether it is in the form of time or money.

On an additional note, in an effort to a make transparency between the schools and communities, the District Office has a working school board packet available on the District web page. If you log on to the District web page,( under the school board tab you will notice February working board packet.  This packet will include any public information relating to the upcoming school board meeting.   Items may be added as we receive them in the office.  If you would like to view this information you are welcome to do so.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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