Mid-Year Reading

In Garfield School District we have 220 students enrolled in 1st through 3rd grade.  We have recently completed the mid-year testing required by the Utah State Office of Education in reading.  Of the 79 students in 1st grade we have 21 students (26.58%) reading below grade level with 58 students (73.42%) reading on grade level. In the 2nd grade we have a total of 77 students. Of this group 19 students (24.68%) are considered to be below grade level with 58 students (75.32%) at grade level.  In the 3rd grade we have 64 student with 12 (18.75%) below grade level and 52 (81.25%) on grade level.  If we look at the number of students on grade level in the District the percentage continues to increase from 73.42% to 81.25% by the end of 3rd grade.  We would like to see this number reach 100 % of the students on grade level by the end of the 3rd grade; this should be goal for students, teachers and parents to achieve. If you ask teachers they will tell you, the best way to improve reading skills is to practice and continue to practice.  As your students read, please ask them to read out load to you, this will help the student with their reading skills, then ask the students questions about the passage to help with comprehension. A good rule to follow is that if a student struggles with more than five words on a page, the passage or book might be too advanced for the student.  Please visit with the student’s teacher to make sure the reading material is leveled correctly. When students read at home they should read on a comfort level and not a frustration level.

On a secondary level I have received a few calls relating to Concurrent Enrollment classes (EDNET) for next year.  We have received some notices of colleges not providing instruction for the next school year.  With that said, please note, we will provide Concurrent Enrollment Classes at all three high schools next year, the universities may change but the college credit will be available to the students.

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