CRT Testing

As we move into April, I would like to discuss the upcoming assessments given to the students in Garfield School District.  The particular type of testing I am referring to is the CRT (Criterion-Referenced Tests) or commonly called, end of year or end of level testing.  Regardless of the name, it is the same type of testing.  The District is required by the Federal Government and the Utah State Office of Education to test every student in math, language arts and science.  The testing is administered on computers and will start with the 3rd grade students.  In 3rd grade, the students are tested in math and language arts, but they are not tested in science.  In 4th11th grades, all students are tested in math, language arts and science.  Seniors who are enrolled in a science or math class will be tested, but they will not be tested in language arts.  Passing the test is commonly referred to as being proficient or achieving a score of 160 or higher on the test; this translates to a 3 or 4 on the CRT test.  The testing window will open April 9th and go through May 18th

The State has set the standard to have all schools in the State start testing six weeks prior to the end of school.  In Garfield School District, the science test will be administered April 16th – April 20th.  Language arts will be April 23rd -April 30th.  Math will be May 1st – May 14th with four additional days to make up any testing that may have been missed by the students.  We ask parents to please make sure your students are in class on the testing dates.  Please do not plan extended family vacations or an event where a student would miss an excessive amount of school during this time.  Typically, if a student misses the day their class participates in the testing, the student will be required to make the test up at an alternative time.  Many times when this setting takes place, students do not test as well in an environment where they are making up the test compared to participating in their regularly scheduled testing time with fellow students.  If you are planning on your student not attending school during this period of time, please visit with your child’s teacher so they can make arrangements to have the test completed.  This is a very stressful time of year for teachers and students because of the testing requirements.  The testing scores in math and language arts will count towards the District and the schools passing ‘No Child Left Behind’ on the federal level.  On the State level the science, math and language arts will count toward passing the ‘UPASS’ or State testing standards.  Please take time to discuss the importance of these tests with your child and take an active role in asking them how well they did on the CRT tests.


–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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