Security Cameras in Schools

Garfield School District is installing video cameras in the high schools.  Bryce Valley High School currently has cameras up and running in their buildings.  Panguitch High School will have cameras working this week.  The surveillance cameras ensure parents and guardians that the general safety of children is being addressed during school activities.  Cameras also serve as crime deterrent for theft, vandalism and illegal activities.  Cameras also save the administrators time investigating problems in the schools.  As an example, a few weeks ago at Bryce Valley High a student told the principal someone had stolen his backpack.  Instead of pulling students out of class to question them individually, the principal reviewed the video and noticed the student placed the backpack in the wrong locker by accident.  The situation was easily resolved thanks to the surveillance cameras.  Notices will be posted on the entrances to any schools using surveillance cameras.  Cameras are located in the major traffic areas such as hall ways and parking lots. Technology is also being extensively used by the teachers in the classroom.  Many teachers in the District have interactive web pages for their classrooms and are posting assignments with classroom activities on their web pages.  All teachers in the District have new computers and the majority of our classrooms have projectors and Smart Boards. The District is also using technology to broadcast six classes between high schools.  We have experienced some difficulties with these classes but they seem to be improving.  The Board Docs program allows the public to view the board packet and principal meeting materials.  The District is moving forward with the use of technology in the classrooms with the primary focus of improving the quality of education for the students.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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