Julie Allen

Julie Allen, K-6 teacher at Antimony Elementary, was awarded 2013 Utah Teacher of the Year 1st runner-up at a banquet in Salt Lake City, Friday, October 5th by State Superintendent Larry Shumway. Mrs. Allen was chosen from among 25 district winners from public and charter schools throughout the state. She received a check for $5000 for being named 1st runner-up.
Julie Allen, a graduate of Brigham Young University, is the only teacher, the secretary, and the principal at Antimony Elementary where she is in her 11th year of teaching. She has helped her school achieve major success for such a small school. For several years, students at the school have scored 100% proficiency on the CRT scores in language arts, math, and science. Antimony Elementary was also the recipient of Utah High Performing Title I Schools in 2008, 2009, and 2010. The school also received the Utah Closing the Achievement Gap Award in 2009.

Mrs. Allen admits that teaching multiple grades is challenging, but rewarding. Her philosophy of teaching is that every child no matter where they live, no matter what their background or socioeconomic status deserves a quality education. She believes that each of those wonderful, inquisitive children deserve a teacher who knows what they need and can teach them effectively. Mrs. Allen has had to learn the core curriculum for each grade and has had to develop lesson plans that teach the core, which allows her to enjoy each stage of learning with children of different ages.

In a letter of recommendation to the Utah State Office of Education, a parent wrote, “Mrs. Allen shows love to the students in the school. She takes the time to talk with her students and acts interested in them. She makes the school environment inviting, comfortable, and fun.”


Superintendent Ben Dalton

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