GCSD Online Surveys

Garfield County School District will be conducting an online survey for parents, teachers, administrators, and the District Office in compliance with State code 53A-1-411.  Two schools in the District, Bryce Valley Elementary and Panguitch Elementary, have been selected by the State Office of Education to pilot the surveys.  These two schools will participate in an online survey from the University of Utah.  The other schools in the District will participate in an online survey developed by the Garfield School District with similar survey questions. If you choose to participate in the survey, please know your identity will remain anonymous.  Only students in 3rd through 12th grades will participate in the survey.  Parents will be able to participate in surveys for the teachers, principals, and District Office.  Teachers may also participate in surveys on principals and the District Office.  The results of the surveys will be compiled and presented to each school and the Garfield County School Board.  The District will use the information to address professional development for the employees and address areas of concern.  I would strongly encourage everyone to take a few minutes to participate in the surveys as they become available in the next few weeks.  Letters will be sent home to inform parents when they become available.  I would also like to express thanks to the Garfield Education Foundation for their $3335 donation.  This money was given to the foundation by Garkane energy.  I will be proposing options to utilize this money for students in the February School Board meeting.


–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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