Master Board Award

Last week, Governor Gary R. Herbert recognized 11 local school board members in the State of Utah for their work in advancing their knowledge and skills as board members.  In addition, the Governor recognized the collective abilities of entire school boards as they have worked toward increased levels of performance in the Master Boards Award (MBA) program.  School Board members Ken Platt and Cheryl Cox of the Garfield School District recently received this prestigious award.


The Master Boards Award program was conceived by leaders of the Utah School Boards Association who wanted to help local school board members understand the complexities of issues they face, including school finance, legislation, ethics, policy, and board meeting rules and conduct, among many other topics.  Local board members and entire boards receive points toward annual MBA designations by continuous improvement, advocacy, community engagement, accountability, and effective governance.


This past year, 2012, was the first year for the program, and has already increased participation and motivation for Utah board members who can enhance their understanding and actions to better support student achievement through effective governance in their schools.


Each year under the MBA program, each local school board member and the board they represent, can reach new goals to enhance learning and skills.  They do this through individual study/readings, group seminars, online workshops, state conferences, community meetings and contacts, and ensuring proactive procedures and policies in their districts.  I would like to congratulate Ken Platt and Cheryl Cox on their accomplishments.


–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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