Recently Approved in GCSD

I wanted to update the public on a few items recently approved in the April School Board meeting.  The Board approved the purchase of the “Go Math” textbooks for the K-6 Students.  Elementary teachers will use a new math program next year with four hours of professional development provided by the publishers.

The School Board also awarded the VOIP phone system to South Central Communications.  With the help of South Central, the District will be installing a phone system that will allow all teachers to have a phone in their classroom.  Teachers will have a voice mail system with four digit extensions to anyone in the District.  Students will now be able to call from the classrooms instead of going to the office.  The phone system will also allow communication between the office and individual classrooms.  The new system will be a wonderful asset to the classroom.

The School Board also approved the District calendar for next year; it is on the District web page.  There really is not a lot of changes in the District calendar for next year other than Spring Break will be in April with a half day on Tuesday to start Spring Break.  Students will return to School on the following Monday, some discussion has been about the Monday for Spring Break, but please be reminded this break falls into the CRT testing window so I suggested to move the vacation day from Monday to Wednesday to allow a full week for CRT testing.

The District has been working on combining the USBA policy manual with the GCSD policies.  The Board considered the “D” sections for the second month and scheduled them for adoption in May, but has asked to extend this timeline to allow the employees additional time to review the policies and take additional comments.  The “D” policies are directly related to personnel.

If you have any questions about this information or any other question I could answer, please feel free to contact me anytime.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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