GCSD Board Decisions

Garfield County School Board approved the FY 14 Budget in the last School Board meeting.  If you would like to view the budget, it can be found on the District web page.  The School Board also approved the high school Fee schedule as required by law.  When parents register their students next year, they will notice a decrease in student fees.  The School Board approved to drop the “Text Book Rental” fee.  This will save the parents $15.00 next year.  All of the high schools in the District will have the same fee schedule regardless of where the students live.

On a different note, the bids came in for the Bryce Valley Elementary Heating and Cooling upgrade.  The District had budgeted $600,000 for this project.  Last year, the District completed a similar upgrade at Panguitch High School that cost about $450,000.  We thought we would have sufficient funds to finish the project but when the bids came in, they totaled $850,000 which included $170,000 in electrical upgrades alone.  The District went into the original plan and removed items that may be considered excessive; the new bids came in at $750,000.  The architect and the general contractor recommended to the Board to not move forward with the original project and look at alternatives.  The School Board is currently looking into replacing the boiler system instead of roof top units at Bryce Valley Elementary.  Some of the alternatives to the heating project will be discussed in the July Board meeting which will be held on July 25, 2013 at Escalante High School.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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