Hiring Process in GCSD

I would like to inform the public of the new employees in Garfield County School District.  The following teachers have been or will be recommended by the hiring committees for School Board approval.

Scott Henrie – BVHS Counselor/Teacher                          Ann Marie Norris –  PES 1st Grade Teacher
Regina Wood – EHS SpEd Teacher                                  David Dawson – PHS/PMS Science Teacher
Lacey Jensen –  BVHS Language Arts Teacher               Eric Palmer – PHS Math Teacher
Fred Beesley –  BVHS Science Teacher                           Andrea Brinkerhoff –  BVE Pre-school Teacher

I have also made the following changes in administrative assignments in the District.  Mr. Reynolds will return as the full-time Principal of Panguitch Elementary.  Mr. Quarnberg has been assigned the administrative duties at Panguitch Middle School as well as his previous duties in Panguitch High School.

I have been asked how the hiring is conducted in the District.  The process starts by the building administrator completing a “Request to Hire” form and submitting to the District for approval.  When the District has verified the funding for the position, the District approves the administrator to move forward with advertising the positions.  This is typically done on the School District web page, in the local paper, and notices in various places in the community.  Teaching positions are also advertised on the “Teachers-Teachers” web page to increase the candidate pools.  When the applications have been received by the building administrator they are screened by the screening committee which is typically the same individuals as the hiring committee.  When the committee has selected the candidates they would like to interview based on their credentials, years of experience, and letters of recommendation, interviews are scheduled.  The interview committee typically consists of the building principal, teachers, community council members (parents) or anyone who has been asked by the principal to sit on the committee.  The School Board has been very adamant about including parents to be part of all hiring committee.  The administrators have been complying with this expectation.  The hiring committee interviews the candidates and scores each candidate based on a rubric provided to the hiring committee. The hiring committee makes a recommendation to the School Board for approval.  The School Board has the authority to accept or reject the recommendation of the hiring committee for approval.  In the past two years, I have not seen the School Board reject the recommendation of the hiring committee. It is critical to have parents be part of the hiring process for the District.  Community Council elections will be held by your local schools.  If you would like serve on the Community Councils, please contact your local principal for further information.  I would personally like to thank everyone who donated their time to serve on hiring committees in the District to select the new employees in Garfield County School District.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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