UCAS Scores

Garfield School District UCAS Scores

The following information is taken from the Utah State Office of Education webpage. Utah now has two methods for accessing the performance of students and public schools.  A few weeks ago I wrote about the first system called “Utah School Grades” that was created by the 2013 Legislature and assigning each school a specific letter grade (A-F).  The “Utah School Grade” system was released on September 3rd.  The second accountability system was released September 30th called the “Utah Comprehensive Accountability System (UCAS).  The UCAS system was created in response to 2011 Legislative mandates.  UCAS is also the federally approved accountability system for No Child Left Behind and the letter grades each school received based on that particular system.   Both of these systems use the same CRT testing data taken by students from 3rd through 12th grade and High School graduation rates.  The UCAS also factors in the Direct Writing Assessment (DWA) for specific grades.  The two systems differ in how much weight is given to various measures.  School Grades put a large amount of the weight on outcomes, test scores, and graduation rates.  UCAS puts more weight on students’ progress toward proficiency.

School Name               UCAS Score                             State Average

Escalante Elem                       531                                          434

Bryce Valley Elem                   317                                          434

Panguitch Elem                       424                                          434

Panguitch Middle                    449                                           434

Escalante High                        NA                                           419

Bryce Valley High                   483                                           419

Panguitch High                        449                                          419

If you would like additional information on school grades or the two accounting systems you can visit the state office of education webpage at http://www.schools.utah.gov/main/

I would just like to remind everyone to watch for their ballot from Garfield County.  The ballots should be arriving in the mail the third week of October.  If you have not received the information on the Voted Local Levy that will be on the ballots, please visit the School District web page at http://www.garfield.k12.ut.us/or please call me, or visit with your local board member.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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